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But no guys, you don’t understand. 

Danny didn’t even NEED the portal to be a good superhero or so be a compelling show. There’s no way the show would be boring. 

Friends, let me tell you the ways;

  • Normal Superhero stuff doesn’t even involve ghosts and we see Danny do those things sometimes too. Like, He stops a jewel robbery and he saved a bus from going over a cliff. Now ghosts were involved in both of those but they didn’t have to be for him to want to help out with ‘em.
  • Danny would still have the powers and abilities and so, that in itself would be something he’d have to learn to deal with and control. A lot of crap could go wrong in his life with just those alone.
  • A bunch of his enemies didn’t even come through the portal and not all of them were ghosts to start with. 

Let me list you the enemies that did not appear via ghost portal. 

  • Spectra and Bertrand, ONE OF THE BETTER VILLAIN DUOS MIGHT I ADD. I mean Spectra alone posed such a threat to Danny, and she was going to /kill/ Jazz! And you can’t tell me that they used the Fenton portal to get to the living realm. Spectra shows us that she’s been going at this at tons of schools for quite some time.
  • Amorpho, While not quite an enemy, this guy did cause a lot of trouble for Danny and his abilities alone were quite neat and his presence plus Spectra give us the impression that the ghosts can come from anywhere, who’s to say that the ghosts would have just stopped once the portal shut down? Trick question, they wouldn’t have stopped.
  • The Guys in White. While we know that canonly Maddie and Jack would never actually want to cut Danny open and poke his insides just because he’s part ghost, These Guys in White would totally be all for it. If that’s not a good thing to use for a plot device then I don’t know what is.
  • Freakshow. This guy. This guy. lemme tell you just how awesome of a villain this guy really is. While he had so much potential that they could have but didn’t use after reality trip, he was still an interesting villain in the /least/. First off, GHOST MIND CONTROLLING STAFF? omg that’s so boring right? No way that could ever make for an exciting story. Nah he’d need at least one loyal ghost on his side for that right? OH WAIT HE HAS ONE. HER NAME IS LYDIA. While most of the ghosts he controlled flew off never to be seen again, Lydia stayed right by his side. He even showed concern for her whilst in the custody of the GiW. There are a lot of headcanons based on their relationship, but I’d better move onto the next enemy. 
  • VLAD MASTERS/PLASMIUS. Now you CAN’T tell me that the show would be a complete bust without the portal if the MAIN ARCHENEMY didn’t even need it to appear to the hero of the story. While he kinda dropped in quality some for most of the 3rd season*coughphantomplanetcough*, he was STILL a very threatening figure in Danny’s life. And he cause most of Danny’s troubles throughout the series. Such as the mess with the million dollar ghost. Although with the Fenton Portal shut down, who’s to say Vlad still wouldn’t try to take it and make it work again for himself? 
  • Valerie Gray. Okay, so She counts as a friend and an enemy. and at one point even a canon girl friend. Even if some of you try to forget that part of her. She makes for a good plot device in and of herself. They could have done a whole lot more episodes with her in it, they just chose not to. 

One more point that I’d like to bring up is, Dani’s creation had nothing to do with the ghost portal and so she could still have shown up down the line in the show if the portal wasn’t up and running. 

Good day and good night to you all. 


while i was showering earlier today, i was thinking about how danny had to “stop all the ghosts that were coming through”

and i thought, “why didn’t danny just turn the portal off?”

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but the christmas truce should be on Christmas

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